The 1911 design is an amazing piece of engineering. There have been few adjustments and small changes but in general, this handgun design is what John Browning developed at the turn of the century more than 100 years ago.

One of the many modifications of the original design was developed by Para Ordnance as well as Sandy Strayer and Virgil Tripp in the late 80’s, early 90’s. The Strayer/Tripp version was modular with a metal frame polymer grip that gave them a double stack high capacity platform. This was a natural progression since they already produced 1911 parts for competitive shooters. Now they offered a gun with higher capacity for the competition world.

An unintended consequence of this design was that it reduced felt recoil with less muzzle flip than the conventional design with a complete frame and grip. This modular design has dominated the competition market for years. Most of the guns produced for that market are made by custom gunsmiths or niche manufacturers that hand fit the gun.

COSAINT ARMS took what we knew were the best features of the 1911 as well as this modular design and developed a carry gun that is also modular, customizable, less felt recoil, and is lighter (25.6 oz.) than any other 3.5″ 1911 on the market today. In addition, we make many of our own components. Parts engineered and produced to a specification assemble and work extremely well together. This means limited hand fitting yet results in an accurate gun that will last.

Our focus is to produce a reliable carry gun the owner prefers over all others in their safe.