At Cosaint Arms we focus on quality, innovation, and integrity. These values drive our business and were not developed overnight. Having spent more than 30 years in the shooting sports industry in management and senior leadership roles with premium companies like Benchmade Knife Company, Buck Knives, Benelli USA and STI International, Greg Mooney, co-owner of Cosaint Arms, decided to pursue a dream and create something new in the handgun market. His extensive experience along with countless hours on manufacturing floors and working with talented design engineers from some of the industry’s most distinguished players, allowed him to acquire the knowledge and patience needed to build his ideal company. His mission was to create a collaborative working environment that produces a premium product that is backed by industry-leading customer service.

Innovative Design and Function

Greg chose the name – cosaint (co-sent) which is Gaelic for “defend” or “protect” – knowing that would be the foundation of the products his team would develop. Cosaint Arms was born out of the desire to use innovative production processes to build a high-quality production custom carry gun that was different in design and function than any other pistol in its class. Greg knew the modular design of the 1911 double stack allowed competitive shooters to move quickly and be more accurate when shooting in multiple shot bursts. Flatter shooting, less felt recoil and accuracy are exactly what is needed in a carry gun, so Greg began his venture, creating the COS11 single stack in 3.5”, 4.25” and 5.0″ models. He did not want his guns to be a $3000-$6000 retail, so, utilizing design and manufacturing ques from his past, he engineered the COS11 to be a premium product with a custom fit, feel, and finish that you can receive in less than a month. At 26oz. the Officer model, with a hard coat anodized aluminum frame is the lightest gun based on the 1911 platform. With fixed sights, traditional 1911 grip panels and two Wilson Combat mags our standard COS11 comes in at $1700, therefore appealing to the broader firearms market by being a whole lot of fun to shoot and much more reasonably priced.

Cosaint Arms has added even more new product with their new COS21 double stack. Compact, Mid-Size and Full-size models in both aluminum and steel frames allow for many options-9mm, 45 ACP, 40 S&W and 10mm.  The benefits of the modular design began with the double stack years ago.  Now Cosaint Arms offers many options to own that great shooting experience.

So, welcome to the Cosaint Arms family! From our design engineering department to the manufacturing floor, as well as communicating with our customers, our team’s dedication to quality, innovation, and integrity drives everything we do.