For many 1911 builders, they source components from a variety of producers. They mix and match these parts because the intent is to “fit” them to produce a 1911. Most brands are proud of their “hand-fitted” works of art. For the work that they put into them, they should. The fact is that the hand fitting of a 1911 just produces a beautiful tight tolerance handgun. In most cases, the accuracy fall-off over thousands of rounds is minimal when compared to a production 1911.
Cosaint Arms is taking a different approach. We start with a well-engineered gun that matches sourced parts from consistent suppliers with internal fabricated parts to reduce “fitting.” This allows for faster production times. We put our talent to work in areas where they add the most value. Programming the CNC equipment, assembling and fine tuning the trigger, fit and finish as well as Cerakoting.
The result is a premium gun produced to the owner’s specifications delivered in days not months and at a production pricing.