A Brief History

The 1911 has a history stretching back to the turn of the century. Designed by John Moses Browning this pistol would set the tone of firearms development and shape what we now consider to be a modern handgun. Almost every semi-automatic handgun to this day draws from the engineering marvel that is the 1911. That said, a lot has changed in the more than 100 years since its original development. One of the largest changes came in the late 80s when Para-Ordinance developed the P14. While keeping close to the original look and function of the 1911 it could now accommodate twice as many rounds as the original design. Soon after, in the early 90s a partnership between Sandy Strayer and Virgil Tripp (STI International) led to the competition dominating, high capacity, modular design that we know today.

Today the modular double stack 1911 has made its way from the competition sphere to the mainstream and is more popular than ever. Versions of this design span the range from batch made and pieced together, to handcrafted and truly dazzling works of art.

Our Origin

Following in the footsteps of these innovation giants, Greg Mooney decided to pursue a dream and create something new in the firearms market. Greg has spent more than 30 years in the shooting sports industry in management and senior leadership roles with companies like Benchmade, Buck Knives, Benelli USA and STI International. This has allowed him to acquire the knowledge and patience needed to build his ideal company. His goal was to create a collaborative working environment that produces a premium product, backed by industry-leading customer service.

Our name, Cosaint, was chosen because of its meaning in Gaelic. Cosaint means “protect, defend” because at the root of it all that’s what firearms are for. Many of our firearms are purchased with just that in mind, personal protection, and the defense of those we love. Even our more competition minded models are fantastic tools for self-defense and training. The modular design leads to a flatter shooting, more accurate pistol with less felt recoil. Its perfect for both concealed carry and competition purposes.

Our Mission

With a combination of in-house machining, local partners, and components sourced from trusted industry brands, Cosaint strives to bring you a hand fit, customizable gun made right here in East Flat Rock NC. We recognize that every customer has their own needs and priorities, so we offer a full range of customization. From our cost-conscious Classic and Duty lines to our personalized Cosaint Custom experience, there is something for everyone.

So, welcome to the Cosaint Arms family! From design, to manufacturing, to the customer’s hand, our team’s dedication to quality, innovation, and integrity drives everything we do.